You’re aware of the importance of ventilating the interior of your home. But do you know that it is also important to ventilate the attic? In fact, the National Building Code requires that this empty space be adequately ventilated.


In wintertime, the difference in temperature between the attic space and the outside causes condensation and frost. Ice may even accumulate on the roof. As a result, the roof of your house could be damaged by water seepage. In summertime, this empty attic space attains undesirable extreme temperatures. All of these phenomena resulting from a lack of ventilation cause numerous harmful effects to your house’s structure.


The attic must have an air inlet at the base (such as a soffit), as well as an air outlet located at the top of the roof (attic ventilator). The combination of the attic ventilator and the soffits creates a chimney-like effect that allows for proper ventilation of the attic.

WeatherPRO Ventilator

The ProVentilator offers a trouble-free, high performance attic ventilation system that protects the home from weather infiltration, moisture and heat damage. The patent pending ProVentilator features an architecturally designed large top cap improving the appearance the roofline. Engineered with the contractor in mind, the lightweight, durable construction and pivoting pitch adjustment system are designed to simplify the installation process saving both time and money.  WeatherPRO® Technology was designed with the harsh North American climates in mind, allowing high airflow while providing excellent defense against weather infiltration. With no moving parts, the patented internal baffles effectively deflect rain and snow, allowing water to drain harmlessly out the drainage openings. All Durflo WeatherPRO products are subjected to extensive testing before they can be called “WeatherPro”, such as the Miami Dade county hurricane test, as well as extreme cold weather impact testing.

• Maintenance free with no moving parts
• Made from durable, UV resistant polypropylene to resist denting, crushing and corrosion
• Molded screens keep out insects and bird nesting
• Drainage openings allow moisture to exit
• Effectively extends the life of your shingles
• Offers a 35 year warranty

Accumulation Of Ice On The Roof
Frost In The Attic
Water Infiltration & Ceiling Damage
Accelerated Degradation of Materials
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