Torchflex TP-250-Cap

Consisting of a non-woven reinforced polyester reinforcing mat that is coated and impregnated with SBS modified bitumen to a nominal thickness of 4.0 mm (158 mils). Ceramic mineral granules are embedded in the surface to provide U.V. protection and a poly-film is bonded to the underside (which disappears upon heat-welding). TP-250-Cap can be used as a cap sheet in a conventional BUR system, a two-ply Torchflex system, or in roof flashing.

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IKOTherm CoverShield

IKOTherm CoverShield is a rigid foamed plastic polyisocyanurate roof board comprised of non-organic coated glass fiber facers with a closed cell, high compressive foam core. This product is primarily used as a coverboard for new and existing construction.

  • “Neutral” coated glass fiber facer is moisture and mold resistant and is compatible with many roofing materials.

  • Closed cell, highly compressive foam core insulates and saves on energy.

  • Foam core with glass fiber facer – it can be easily cut to roof shapes without the use of special tools.

  • Lightweight – it cuts down on the “dead load” of a roof assembly.

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