The Gutter Clean System® offers the same protection against leaves and debris from clogging in the eavestrough than the Fixa-Tech® Continuous Fastening System.



The Gutter Clean System® protects your eavestroughs effectively.

With 489 perforations every 19 in. ,Alu-Perf technology can drain 29,7 in. of water per hour per linear foot.

That's 3 times the amount of water ever recorded in the heaviest rainfalls.

Impressive Performance
  • Prevents leaf and debris buildup

  • Eliminates the need for periodic eavestrough upkeep

  • Prevents ice and snow from getting into the eavestroughs

  • Does not rust or flake

  • Invisible from the ground

  • Drains 3 times more water than that recorded in the heaviest precipitations

  • Reduces the proliferation of mosquitoes and the spread of West Nile virus

25 Year

Material Warranty